Zentangle // Paper mache bird ornament

The last paper mache lion project was fun to make, so I decide to do another project in the same material! I added a zentangle pattern to it, and an ornament hook to be able to hang it up. Here's how I made it:

So what I used for this project is:

- Cardboard, foil, masking tape and a metal string for the base

- Paper strips and wall paper paste for the paper mache

- Acryllic paint and waterproof markers for decorating

...time and inspiration!

I personally love zentangle drawing! It is very detailed, and takes quite a while to make - but it is so relaxing - almost like meditating. I listen to calm instrumental background music to get in the zone, and can zentangle for hours if I get the opportunity.

I've made loads of zentangle art in the past, in my artist books. You will most probably see more zentangle projects on the YouTube channel in the future.

For any questions or comments, don't hesitate to get in touch in the comment section below or on YouTube! I love hearing from you, and seeing how yours turned out.

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Let's Zentangle! :)

Charlotta Xx

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