Polygonal Lion head sculpture / paint brush stand

Most of you will probably find me slightly nuts, and I wish you only knew how right you are! Ha... Because, yes, I love creating a bunch of completely random things. Such as

this one! A paint brush stand in the shape of a lion head. ...Why not?

It can also be turned into a bowl, or why not a flower pot? That'd actually give it a cool mane!

You might (or might not? In which case means you should head over to my channel without any further ado) have seen my previous paper mache lion mask that I created a good while back. That project was posted on my YouTube channel, and is now one of my most viewed videos.

The mask is in fact still hanging on my wall in my art studio, and was even invited for a visit to Gordon Ramsey's film studio in Westminister, in London! I was happy to say he (the lion) brought me along as his avec and we all had a little chat, the lion, me and producers. Random, and fun!

Though the lion mask received some positive attention, it also received a few comments asking how I created the structure of the face, as I didn't show that in the tutorial. That is why I now one year later decided to create a brand new, improved - 2020 version - with a printable pattern!

All materials I used are linked down below.

Hit the play button on the image below to watch the tutorial:

Here are four steps to creating this lion: 1. Print the PDF, trace the pieces onto cardboard and cut them out.

2. Puzzle the pieces together following the instructions in the tutorial.

First use painters tape to build up the right structure. Once you find the right angles for the pieces, secure them with silver tape. I use silver tape as it's very strong, yet flexible to twist and turn. If you want to make the part for the brush stand, simply cut out a a circle the size of a paper roll through the top. Slide a paper roll inside, and tape it in place right by the edge of the head (also shown in tutorial).

3. Add one layer of paper mache and leave to dry over night.

If you are new to paper mache, check out my 5 top tips on how to immediately improve your paper mache video. 4. ...and finally, my favourite part, paint your lion sculpture using acrylic paint!

Here are the pieces to the lion sculpture, all drawn out and ready to print for you. Simply click the picture and it will give you the downloadable PDF. To make the base of the head, cut out two long stripes of cardboard with the following measurements: -Profile piece: 10cm x 84cm ( 3.7in x 33in)

-Main head piece: 10cm x 56.5cm ( 3.7in x 22in)

Start with taping these two longer stripes together as shown in tutorial. Materials I used (amazon affiliate links): Acrylic paint

Silver tape

Paint brushes

Paper palette

Recycle the amazon box (or any other delivery box) for cardboard, and the packaging paper (or any other newspaper) for the paper mache strips!

...Can I add a cheeky step number 5? If anyone actually comes as far as completing this sculpture - tag me on Instagram @ldnartnanny - or send in a photo on email, would you? It would make my day, as I love seeing others trying out my crafts! :)

Good luck, my beautiful creators!

Charlotta Bjorkskog a k a London Art Nanny



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