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Independent Little Artist

in 10 weeks

Create magical art that you might want to frame!

Build upon your artistic skills, global ONLINE access and an unending creative journey.

Charlotta Bjorkskog

Run by Charlotta Bjorkskog

Click image to learn more about me.


10 amazing artists have already joined. 5 slots remaining.

  • 6 years old or above

  • Speaks English or Swedish

  • Loves painting and creating

  • Focus for 1 hour

  • Loves magical fairytales!

Who is it for?


Who is it not for?

  • Under 6 years old

  • Doesn't communicate in English or Swedish

  • Doesn't enjoy painting

  • Easily distracted by other tasks

  • Doesn't like using their imagination


This will take 3 min of your time.

What I would need to know from you is:

  1. Your artist's name and age

  2. Experience with painting

  3. Thoughts about all things magical

  4. What art materials you have

  5. ...and lastly, two of your preferable weekly time slots for 1 hour (example Monday 4-5 pm BST or Thursdays 3-4 pm BST).

Does this sound like your little one?​ Apply by clicking the button below!


Register for waiting list and be the first to know when a slot opens up.


What is required to take part?

  1. A device (laptop, ipad / tablet, mobile phone) and a good internet connection

  2. Basic art supplies, such as pen and paper, acrylic paints, brushes, papers and canvases 

  3. A quiet space where the artists can focus

  4. Be able to commit to 10 weeks

Do you have questions or thoughts?

 We meet online in a private set (note: this is not a group). We explore mixing colours and creating magical fantasy art on canvases for 1 hour a week.

Think unicorns, fairies, rainbows, galaxy paintings and glorious light...

This is a judgment free zone, where we explore together and learn through trial and error.


We go from OOPSY! to AHA!

The paintings might just be filling your walls in 10 weeks time!

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