Besides the art sessions, workshops and hosting party activities for kids, Charlotta also aims to inspire parents and carers to get creative with their little ones.

She runs a YouTube channel, Instagram account, Facebook page and sends out regular newsletters to clients and mothers around the world.

"I provide the tools and encouragement, the children do the discovering and self expression."

London Art Nanny runs online painting sessions globally, as well as bespoke private arts and crafts sessions mainly in SW London.


Charlotta Bjorkskog, the founder of L.A.N., runs unique crafting sessions in private homes, creating DIY toys out of recycled materials and building up art portfolios for the little artists.


The company was established 2013 and has since been bringing creativity to hundreds of homes in SW London.

These classes are run either one-on-one privately or as group art workshops. Charlotta meets the children's individual interests and development stages, giving them opportunities where they can freely express themselves, and find new ways of communicating through colours and shapes.

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"Let's get creative!"



  • Private bespoke art classes

  • After school activities

  • Art playdates

  • Art Birthday Party entertainment

  • Pop up art workshops                  all in the comfort of your own home.


Charlotta was born on the coast side of Finland, with a natural passion for creativity.

She studied art in the Nordic Art School, in Kokkola Finland.

Having moved to London in 2012, she has kept her passion for art and creativity in different ways.

Charlotta creates sculptures and wearable art pieces out of paper mache, as well as paints and draws in different medias.

Besides the YouTube channel she also runs a creative blog, showing parents simple ways of crafting and creating with their little ones.


Charlotta gives the parents advice on what materials to use, and how to make the unique crafts she brings to the table at her art sessions. Link below.