How to die cut without a cutting machine

Paper crafts and handmade cards have always been close to my heart. I have fond memories from childhood of creating little surprises for family members' birthdays and holidays. I'm sure you did that too right? Do you still run into the odd cards you made as a kid when visiting your parents? I can't believe they kept them all these years!

I've recently come across these things called dies. Have you tried them yet? It brings the card crafting to a whole 'nother level! Fun for card making as well as handmade photo albums and scrapbooks! This particular one was gifted by In Love Art shop. It's the second time now that they send over metal dies, and as I don't have a cutting machine yet I had to put on my thinking hat and figure out a way to cut them without one! After trying a few ways, I finally realised using a simple rock to put pressure on the metal edges did the trick.

I thought to share it on my YouTube channel in case someone else had the same dilemma. To my surprise that video is about to reach 8k views and has a ton load of comments from all of you now! Hence I thought, let's share this project on here as well. Click the image below to play part two of the manual die cutting tutorial:

In Love Art shop is offering 15% discount using my code G-17898 , so if you're keen on trying any of their supplies, do take advantage of this! Here's a direct link to this mandala die:

Happy die cutting, friends! ( Eh yes... I know! Rather dramatic name for something so pretty and fun. Ha. ) Thanks for stopping by!

Charlotta xx

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