Top 5 tips to better paper mache

A client of my got in contact, asking if I would create a paper mache sculpture for her daughter as World Book Day was approaching. Sure, sounds fun I thought, when do you need it? In three days, she goes!! My first reaction was no way! How?! It was a full body costume. Paper mache takes long to dry and to get all the bends and twists it would need to be made in pieces. Then I thought about it, how to schedule it and came up with the strategy I am sharing with you in this video. So here's five useful tips that you can put into action. Following these simple tips, you will improve your paper mache sculptures straight away.

Not only will they improve, but you will also save time not making the same mistakes I did!

Share your artwork with us by tagging @ldnartnanny on Instagram. I love seeing how your projects turn out! To order your own costume follow this link: Let's stay creative!




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