The Yeti who woke the village

Have you watched the film Small foot yet? We watched it the other day and simply loved it! To not give the story away, I'll leave it to you to watch it and will not write about it here... Let me just say, it's sweet and innocent yet deep and real. So if you haven't yet, gather your kiddos this weekend and check it out!

I decided to create a craft out of the theme for my artists in London. Check out this speedy tutorial video, and try it out! No need to buy the overpriced plastic toys that will end up in the pile of old toys, when you simply can use recycled material from your household.

Ok, on to the video! Switch on your sound, and press the image below:

All you need is:

- Paper roll

- PVA glue

- Pillow filler / cotton

- White paint

- Card

- Printable cut outs - PDF (if you choose a shortcut to speed up this craft. I recommend drawing your own...)


- Scissor

- Brush

- Glue spread stick

- Marker (if you choose to draw the body parts yourself) Click image below to print the template:

Give the different parts some colour, and then glue them on to your Yeti... Too easy! Why not try to draw them yourself and make your craft more individual? :)

If you try this out, tag us on Instagram ( @ldnartnanny ) - I love seeing others trying out our crafts!

Have fun! :)

Charlotta Xx

#Toddlercrafts #recycledart #diytoys

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