It's that lovey dovey time of the year!

It's that lovey dovey time of the year... It's Valentine's Day tomorrow! Are you celebrating: yay or nay? 

I'm a sucker for romance, I'm not gonna lie... My partner bringing me my favourite flowers ( WHITE LILIES! ) makes me girly and giggly in a second.

Another thing that I'm a sucker for, is handmade cards and gifts. Gotta love them, right?! There's an enormous amount of LOVE in something that someone has made for you. Both for the giver and the receiver. 

My mother is a hand knitting machine. She knitted me a jumper for my birthday last year. It's warm, it's super soft, and whenever I feel "Finland-sick" (as in home sick) I wear it.

Where am I heading with this and why should you care? Handmade Valentine's Day gift and card ideas coming up!

...and better yet - make them with the ones You love the most, your little ones.

We have made quite a few heart projects so far. More to come before Thursday is over... This heart frame is made out of recycled cardboard, acrylic paint and decorated with cut outs. Click this image for the Facebook Live video of this project!

Here's another of our heART projects this year, made by three and four year olds. 

It's fun to see how many different things you can integrate into an art project.

Here we practiced:

- fine motor skills by threading

- colour study by mixing shades

- cutting and glueing

- well as composing You need: A paper plate, cardboard, acrylic paint, PVA glue, a pipe cleanser and chopped up paper straws for the threading.

Take your time with each step and give this project about 45 minutes, if you try it out at home! 

I hope this inspires you to get the brushes out with your creative little ones! It doesn't take much, a bit of recycling and a paint and you'll be surprised what you can make of it... Let your creative juices flow! ...and watch your waste bin shrink! :)

Thanks for popping by, and Happy Valentine's!

Much love,

Charlotta a k a London Art Nanny

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