How to recycle crayons

After the full year of crafting and creating with the kids I ended up with a bunch of crayon bits. I decided to reshape and recycle them into new multi coloured heart crayons. Fun! The kiddos loved the surprise.

Here is how I did it - super easy and takes next to time:

Recycle your used crayons:

- Cut into small pieces

- Place into a silicone tray

- Melt in the oven or microwave. Stay close by and check in on the melting process, as different ovens take different time... Take the tray out when the crayons are fully melted. Mine took about 3 minutes. You can stir around with a tooth pick if you want to create fun patterns in them!

- Leave to cool down and harden in the freezer

- Break out of the tray and let the imagination flow...

Crafting requests are very much welcome, so feel free to leave yours in the comments below!

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Let's get creative!!

Charlotta xx

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