How to make a sock puppet

How was your holiday season? Did you end up with a bunch of odd heelless socks that you most probably won't ever use?? Well... I've got an art project just for that.

For this project you will need:

- Flight socks (surprise surprise!)

- Cardboard (for the dragon head)

- Tape and PVA glue (to attach the head)

- Water paint or acrylic paint

- Optional decorations. We used... googly eyes, feathers as fire and red felt for the tounges...


The sock will work as the dragon puppet's body, covering your arm. Pull it over your arm, then cut a whole for your thumb to stick out (to support the lover gum of the dragon).


Cut out a long stripe of cardboard (Width same as the sock you are using. Length 40cm.)

Cut out two little triangles for the ears on one end of the stripe (like in the tutorial).

Divide the stripe into three sections. The middle part will be inside the dragon's mouth, while the side with the ears is the top of the dragon head and the other side is underneath the chin of the dragon.

Fold the stripe into an M shape.

Tape the gums to stay in shape.

Then glue on the sock on the back of the upper part of the head - as shown in tutorial.

Have fun! :)

Do you have any questions? I'm happy to help!

Don't know what materials to get? Here's some of what we use.

See you in the next video!

Charlotta Xx

PS! Know anyone who could benefit from this? Sharing is caring!

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