Cyclops paper mache project

What are your kids dressing up as for World Book Day?

It's coming up in two days, and my little artists are super excited for the dressing up part! Some are going as dragons, others as the boy from Lost and found... If we had celebrated this in Finland when I was growing up I would have probably gone as Pippi Longstocking or Momin!

One of my artists is going as Odysseus, so my client asked if I would make him a cyclops head (photo below). Because what is Odysseus without Polyphemus, right?! I hope he will approve of this tomorrow when I deliver it. 

Click the image for full video:

This artist is going as Persus with the head of Medusa!

Paper mache is a fun material to work with. Easy to shape, and dries super strong! I only added two layers to this sculpture and it's hard as a rock. ...and the best part is that it's recycled material: cardboard, and newspaper.

So, if you need accessories for your kid's costume - why not make it out of paper mache and let them paint and decorate it themselves?

We also crafted Scylla and Charybdis - the seven headed beast in Greek mythology, along with the whirlpool that swallowed Odysseus ship in whole. This will be part of the Odysseus costume!

Think about things associated with the character you're little one is going as, and find ways to craft it together. Anything from hats to robot suits and unicorns can easily be made out of material you already have at home!

I hope this inspires you to stay creative!

Charlotta a k a London Art Nanny

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