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Life get's busy at times... Especially beginning of the school year. It's not always easy to juggle everything that needs to be done, without getting stressed and drained.

I created this weekly planner to help keep track of the main tasks for the week.

I did a time audit, to get down to only a few main tasks. I thought over which activities I needed to prioritise higher, while other time consuming activities could be filtered out completely.

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Social media for example... It's so easy to get caught up swiping and clicking and liking and commenting..... and 'bye bye' to the hour long break that could have been spent unwinding in the park instead.

We need to guard our time. Prioritise. We spend money, but that we can earn back - Once we've spent our time it is gone for good.

To keep the overlook of the week planner clear and easy to digest with a quick glance, I left the details for my pocket calendar and notebooks and only wrote down the main tasks. Colour coding also makes it easier and faster for the brain to quickly read the schedule.

If you are creating this with/for your younger children, you can replace the post-it notes with different images for their activities. Place the images in the right order together with them. This will help your little ones understand time as a concept, routines, and which activities and events to expect for the week ahead.

For any questions about this project, comment below or on YouTube.

Don't lose yourself or get stressed out in the 'busy busy'... Take a deep breathe, declutter your calendar and prioritise your time.

You've got this!

Charlotta Xx

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