2019 - The year of Creativity

Happy New Year, people! Hope 2019 started well for all of you. It's the first proper week back to work for most of us, so let's get to it! ...Ok wait, I think I need a coffee with that...

One of my goals for this year is following my own advice to find more time for nurturing my creativity. I had a bit of time to dive deep into the creative world during the Christmas break. It's just really so calming for the mind and uplifting for the spirit.

Do you want to try out painting? Here's a speedy video of a painting I made during the Christmas break. Bare in mind, it's a bout having fun with colours - without any pressure to produce... This way it will work as meditation for your mind.

Switch your sound on and click the image below for the video:

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Here's two more simple acrylic paintings to try out, in case this caught your interest.

Sound up and click the images...:

More of my own paintings and thoughts around creativity will be showing up on all social media.

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