The importance of creativity

Children who do art perform better in all subjects than the ones who don’t. Here’s why… Being PLAYFUL is a skill. You can test your young child’s imagination and creativity by giving them building blocks, sticks, play dough or lego blocks. Do they actively know what to do with them? …or do they wait for you to start the play, while they actively …watch?

 Creativity and art is something more and more people seem to take for granted. I used to be one of them. Because I’ve always painted since I was a child myself, I didn’t think much of it. However, studies show a clear decline in creativity according to Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT). As other subjects are taking over, children today have less freedom for innovative thinking - which is one of the main things art nurtures; imagination, creativity and individuality. Yet, it is seen as “fun”. Surely, it is fun! …but more so, it is necessary for the little brains to develop into active confident explorers. It is equally important to maths and science. In this video I will show you why and how to get started - all for free. I have gathered vital points to why creativity is important, along with tips on how to get started with arts and crafts at home. This is a 10 min FREE video, I suggest you watch. Are you one of the parents who nurture your child’s creativity? Kudos to you! Or as one of my clients would say; “ART-some!”

Help me spread awareness of this matter, and share this page with anyone who it might help. Let's get those brushes out!

Charlotta Bjorkskog

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