Kids trying out paper mache

Two of my art kids saw the previous lion mask tutorial and wanted to make shark and crocodile masks. I accepted the challenge, not being sure if they would have the patience to finish it, because making paper mache sculptures requires a lot of patience, and these two artists are quite young...

Here's how it turned out! Click the image below for video:

Not too bad huh?! I was impressed by their focus and how they stayed determined to finish the project!

What we used for this project:


- Paper plate

- Cardboard

- Aluminium foil

- Masking tape

Paper mache:

- Wallpaper paste

- Paper strips (out of newspaper or paperbags etc... thinner paper is better as it sucks up the paste better).


- Acrylic paint

Check the previous "How to make a lion mask" for more details on the paper mache part.

Let's get creative! :)

Happy colourful wishes,

Charlotta Xx

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